Welcome to Kingscourt

Kingscourt Ventures is a business positively engaged in developing, investing & building enterprises in the activity sports sector. Formed in 2011 by a team with significant experience in building trademarks, products, supply chains and business operations, Kingscourt will work with the team to find out what type of development support is necessary and once this is identified will  help the team bring the necessary resources together.

Kingscourt’s ethos is to work alongside teams and moreover to ensure every member of every team is part of the ownership structure.  We believe in a culture where every person feels they can contribute and make a difference.  Our structures mean that every member of the team share in the rewards.

In 2011 our first business was launched. The Merlin Partnership is a business that supplies branded motorcycle clothing and helmets to bike riders and pillions through a committed and valued network of motorcycle dealers both here in the UK and overseas. The Merlin Partnership sees product design, testing and manufacture of two brands, Merlin and Route one. We also continue to work on projects in the snowsports and outdoor segments with ‘Huxley’.