Our Businesses


Merlin Partnership

Merlin was founded in 2011 by a team of seasoned motorcycle clothing personnel.  Initially a UK based business, in 2020 the business sells its trademarked, designed and branded clothing with a 50% UK, 50% international split.  The brand focuses it’s product development strategy into the growing sectors of ‘heritage’ and ‘leisure moto’  Merlin builds its products using a number of blue chip licensed materials and components which comply with the PPE standard ‘CE’


Munro – Outdoor Pursuits

Munro – Outdoor Pursuits (UK), was formed in 2014 by a small team with an action sportswear background.  Today, the business sells its annual line through a Country based licensed programme.  The business designs both summer and winter lines across its two brands, Huxley and Jackal, using leading outdoor materials but part of the USP of this business is the provision to add ‘protection’ to products not usually found with such.


Merlin Lifestyle

Merlin Lifestyle was formed in 2018 to provide motorcycle-inspired products to the high street consumer. Since launch the business has further expanded the product offer to include luggage, clothing and accessories which is currently available through the traditional motorcycle network and via a DTC model.